Launched in August 2020, New York label Stems found immediate success thanks to the industry experience of partners Rochelle Sara Gan & Nandita Sekhar. With experience at luxury brands like Michael Kors, Diane Von Furstenberg, Thelios (L.V.M.H) & Manolo Blahnik, both founders wanted to build a brand that spoke to their beliefs, addressed their needs, and conformed to their aesthetic.

With the belief that the joy of dressing begins feet first, Stems brings you the unexpected, balancing necessity and playfulness.

Stems is Luxury for Legs.


Like all good stories, Stems started with a moment of embarassment. This one involved an ex-boyfriend (and a pair of day-old socks). Most women have an story about socks that have let them down, and that’s because most women’s socks are adapted from men’s socks — but our bodies are different, we perspire differently and we should expect our socks to meet our needs. 

Thus began Stems, with lightweight performance knitting, a mesh that promotes airflow and has antibacterial properties, Stems socks are made for women’s comfort and engineered to stay dry and fresh all day.

We are inviting you to get cozy, keep it fresh, and take it easy.